19th World Human Resource Congress 2024


Call For Abstracts

WHRC 2024 Abstract Information

We invite thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners to contribute their insights, research, and experiences. Join us in advancing the dialogue, defining the future of HR excellence at this prestigious international congress. Submit your abstract and be a key player in the conversation that will drive innovation and collaboration on the world stage. Together, let’s pave the way for the next era of excellence in Human Resources.

Abstract Deadlines

Please note the following important dates for Abstract Submission;

Jan 2, 2024

Abstract Submission Opens

Feb 2, 2024

Abstract Submission Closes

Mar 2, 2024

Late-Breaking Abstract Deadline

Apr 2, 2024

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

May 2, 2024

Abstract Release Date

Presentation Guidelines

General Information and Presentation Information

  • Oral Presentations are limited to 8 minutes (Strict 5min limit with a 1-min warning before the end + 3min questions and answers period). Slides, abstracts, and handouts cannot contain advertising, QR codes, corporate logos, trade names, or product-group messages of commercial companies.
  • Prepare a 16:9 PowerPoint presentation (PPT) for your oral presentation. 
  • Please be in the room for your session 10 minutes before the start time of the session. The Session Chairs will start and end strictly on time.
  • PowerPoint presentations should have a maximum of 8 slides (not including title and author slides)
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to use the WHRC 2024  presentation slide template


  • Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint2000 or any later PowerPoint Version (MS Windows).
  • Set the slide size of the page to “On-screen show” and landscape orientation in the page set-up section. (Portrait orientation will not be displayed properly).


  • Use high-contrast lettering, and not too much text per page (max. 5-10 lines or 15-20 words).
  • Font sizes should be no smaller than size 14 or 16 for maximum visibility.
  • Make sure you use high-contrast colors for the best definition of your text. Please be aware that red letters or lines are usually not visible.

Avoid special characters:

  • To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (i.e. “, Ö, Ø, ñ, ?, ®, ý, }, { etc) to name your presentation files.

Content and Organization:

  • As a general rule, you should not present more than 1 slide per minute.
  • Do not read the slides word for word. Visual material provides cues and images to support your verbal presentation.
  • Make sure your presentation has a clear flow from introduction to conclusion. Identify key points and why they are important.
  • Include take-home points. Consider which 2-3 points you want the audience to remember after your presentation.

Less is more!

  • Include relevant information on your slides, supplemented and explained by your verbal presentation.

Abstract FAQs

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